When starting a new brand, there are three things you need to pay attention to: the quality of the product that you are going to sell, and the logo and the name of the brand that will represent your product the best. Those three things not represent only the brand, but also its owner, or you. To find a perfect logo, you can hire a professional designer who will brainstorm with you for a while and come up with the perfect solution in no time. To find the perfect balance with the ingredients of the products, you can also find experts in this area as well as the research group who will give their honest first impresion of your product. For advertising, there are SEO companies and individuals. But how to pick the name for your brand?
The name is something that everyone will remember and that will decide instead of you whether or not your product will be launched worldwide. To come up with the perfect name, there are few things you have to have in consideration. First of all, as we already said, the name is something that represent you, which means that it has to be highly related to something surounding you. Take the Apple for the example. Simple, plain, but familiar worldwide. And how did Steve Jobs come up with it? With no trouble after returning from the apple farm. But Apple is something that is easy to hear, remember and pronounce worldwide, which is also very important to consider when starting a new brand. You have to keep it simple in order not to confuse the audience, but yet not too simple so your brand won’t become uninteresting and borring to wider crowd. Most important thing, Internet allows you to find everything you want. So when you pick a name, try googling it and ensure that it doesn’t have some different or degrading meaning in some other language.
To help you pick the right name, Insider Monkey consulted bigger business orientated companies such as Business Insider, Forbes, Inc, The Balance to come up with 11 ways to come up with a cool catchy creative business name.