Since drones are not that easy to handle, and, if you are a beginner or you are buying one for your child, there are pretty big chances that the drone will soon be broken or fall apart. That’s why it is very important to know how to pick your first drone.

When picking your first drone, there are few things you should pay attention to. First of all, the size. Drones are not that easy to handle as you might think while watching some youtube tutorial or look at the professionals. You need to know how to fly and balance them properly, which is why it’s better to choose some smaller drones, to begin with. This way, you can avoid hurting yourself or others.

Second of all, there is a price. As we mentioned before, since it is a bit hard to handle drones, especially for beginners and children, you don’t want to waste a fortune on buying one that would be broken too fast. So, if you are looking to buy a drone for a beginner or a child, you should look for prices lower than $200. For something that would crash in no time, this is also expensive, but you need to give some bigger money if you are sick and tired of plastic toys.

Next thing that is not that necessary, but it might help you see your mistakes and improve your skills is the camera and equipment. And last, but not least, the flight time. All drones work on battery, so it is really important to find the one with the long-lasting batteries. If you don’t, instead of flying, you will be charging your battery every few minutes, which is boring and exhausting, so you may give up on the drone within the first week. So do you know what are 11 best cheap drones with camera for beginners and kids?