How To Play an Instrument and Sing at the Same Time?


How many times have you watched Youtube covers and though ‘’Hey, I can do this to’’, but ended up being concentrated more on your instrument than the text you were supposed to sing? Well, then it is about time you find out how to play an instrument and sing at the same time.
Although this requires a great effort and concentration, it is obvious that singing and playing at the same time is possible. You just need to be focused and worked out enough not to mess it up. The first thing you should do is to pick the right instrument. Of course, the bass instruments are out of choice since you can forget about singing because your mouth would be busy playing chords, but instruments that require only using your fingers or feet are the perfect choice for you.
if you would look closer at the already mentioned Youtube videos, you would notice that most of these self-called artists are playing acoustic guitars or keyboards, which qualifies them high on the list of the easiest instruments to play while singing. This doesn’t mean that these instruments are easy to master by themselves as they require good balance and coordination, especially keyboard instruments that require playing the different chords with both hands at the same time. But once you master the skills, you will be able to sing any song you learn how to play.
Since two of them are most frequent wherever you go, you may also want to be a bit different and stand out of the crowd. This is why we consulted Insider Monkey’s research team that came out with 7 easiest instruments to play while singing. So check them out and see if there is some instrument that fits you.