How To Spice Up Your Sexual and Love Life?


The beginning of each relationship is a new exciting adventure. You get to know your partner, find out his secrets and the way he lives and functions, you are doing your best to seduce each other every day and completely satisfy each other in bed. But after a few months, your love life becomes monotonic. You already got each other’s habits and all important things, you already made some habits together and everything you do is already seen and done. In order to keep your relationship from shutting down, you need to occasionally do something unusual, surprise each other. So how to spice up your sexual and love life?

Have you tried going out together? I, for example, was in a relationship for 2 years and, during that time, I went out less than 10 times. As strange as it seems, but each time I went out with my friends only, while my partner was either with his friends or stayed at home. My new relationship is all about going out alone, going out with friends, movies nights, and every other activity when we can include each other. This way we started showing each other our interests better and walked each other into the way of life. We even jog and exercise together.

But how to spice up your sexual life? Sure, you can’t jump on someone like a nymphomaniac and eat him or her alive every time you intend to have an intercourse. There are big chances that it will freak them out, or even worse, you could lose them if you do that at a very beginning of a relationship. But have you ever tried playing some game? Strip poker for example. And only two of you. The best thing about playing some games is to bet and make some rules.
Speaking of games, they are a great way to loosen up, especially if you try to get someone in bed or just start a relationship in a bit of an interesting way. So next time you have some girl over for a drink at your home, try out some of 10 best drinking games to play with a girl. Believe us, the results would be incredible.