How To Watch Netflix and Amazon Prime on Apple TV?


As Netflix and Amazon Prime are big competitors and they are both competing Apple too, which is why their shows can’t be found on the Apple TV, or at least we thought so. But we found the way for you to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime on Apple TV as well.

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime have the same tactics. As you subscribe and pay a monthly bill, you get the unlimited access to any program that they own. But while bigger shows take a couple of days or even the weeks to record one episode, there can be pretty tricky for the audience who is eager to finish the whole show within a week. So, instead of waiting, they are crossing to other sites to find the new episodes and, if they find them on another website, Netflix or Amazon Prime have lost their customer and the big amount of money. This is why they both came up with the perfect solution: to make their own shows. But, instead of uploading one episode at the time, they upload even full seasons. And while you are finishing the first one, the second season is already on its way to being published. This way, you can spend every day watching the show without repeating even one episode. One more advantage of making their own show is that it is only published on their site and nowhere else. Maybe just a teaser on the YouTube, but the only way you can watch full episodes is by subscribing on their site and paying the monthly membership.

While Apple TV devices come with the Netflix app, it doesn’t count Amazon Video. But you will be happy to know that Insider Monkey’s research team found the way, so let’s take a look at 6 tips for watching Netflix and Amazon Prime on Apple TV that you will definitely find useful.