The first impression is everything, especially on social networks such as Tinder, since your first impression contains only a bio and a picture. Based on those two things, people are deciding whether they will swipe left or right. That’s why you should pick an appropriate picture and be a bit creative when writing your bio.

And what should your bio contain? Well, basically, anything that can show who you are. That doesn’t need to be a 100-words essay that describes everything from High School you graduated from to your daily routine. It can be just one sentence, but attractive and witty enough so that people who run into your profile would swipe right. I mean, you didn’t make an account just to look at other people’s pictures, but to find someone to hang out with. Whether the relationship would be based on sexual or long-term relation, you certainly won’t get any of it if your pop-up looks boring.

So how to write your Tinder bio? That actually depends on your personality and the message you want to send. I can assure you that sentences like ‘’I am not good with bios’’ or ‘’just contact me and ask’’ won’t take you anywhere, as well as specific requirements such as weight and height. Really, who does that? But simple creative bios such as one-sentence bio ‘’tbh, I just want to get some free Chipotle out of this’’ will definitely put the smile on chooser’s face that they would want to hear more about what you have to say. As you can see, your bio can contain every funny thing you can think of, no matter the nature of the quote. There are a lot of sexual bios on Tinder, but they show that that is the only thing you are asking for. But keep this in mind: your bio is containing your requirements and it determines the hang-out offers you will get. If it includes sexual jokes or offers, that’s what you’ll get. No one will look forward to picking you as a relationship material if your bio talks only about sex.

So girls, if you decide to make an account, take a look at 15 funny Tinder bios for girls that can help you out. As for the other gender is concerned, there are also most successful Tinder bio examples for guys. And be free to comment with some examples of your own, so we can add it to our lists.