Hudson Global Inc (HSON): Gillman Discloses Last Year’s Acquisitions


Charles M. Gillman, Director at Hudson Global Inc (NASDAQ:HSON) disclosed today the purchase 220,000 shares of common stock in two transactions. The first purchase was completed on November 21, 2013, and involved 150,000 shares at unit prices of $3.32. The second acquisition included the remaining 70,000 shares at $3.46 each share. Most important, these are the only two transactions reported for Mr. Gillman, and his appointment as Director was effective July 25, 2014.

Jeffrey E. Eberwin, Director at Hudson Global Inc (NASDAQ:HSON) has been very active this year. Mr. Eberwin reported thirteen transactions during October, 2014, alone, and now owns a total of 2,064,308 shares.

Dan Friedberg’s Sagard Capital Partners Management Corp is the largest shareholding institution (amongst those we track) at Hudson Global Inc (NASDAQ:HSON) owns 4,650,189, at an estimated value of $18 million, after reporting no changes for the second quarter of 2014.

Hudson Global Inc (NASDAQ:HSON) provides specialized professional-level recruitment and related talent solutions worldwide.

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