Imation Corp. (IMN)’s Board Director, Iii White L Matthews, Acquired 70,565 Shares


Imation Corp. (NYSE:IMN)’s Board Director, Iii White L Matthews, reported an acquisition of 70,565 shares on the magnetic and optical recording media company for about $3.72 per share. After this transaction, the insider beneficially owns 266,941 securities directly.

White Matthews is the first inside investor this first quarter and this year, since the last share purchase within the company was made by President and CEO E Mark Lucas on May 2013. Previously, director P David Berg put up and invested on this company one year earlier on may 2012.

Imation Corp. (NYSE:IMN) also has large hedge fund investors that displayed increasing activity on the last quarter, such as Gregg J. Powers’ Private Capital Management, which increased its stake by 3%, to 1.77 million shares, and San Francisco’s Algert Coldiron Investors run by Peter Algert And Kevin Coldiron (new position with 180,846 shares)On the other hand, the largest hedge fund shareholder (amongst those we track), John W. Rogers‘ Ariel Investments, decreased its exposure by 2% and now owns 5.76 million shares, worth more than $33 million.

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