Imperial Holdings Inc (IFT)’s Director Buys 28,000 Shares


Last September 10th, James M. Chadwick, Director at Imperial Holdings Inc (NYSE:IFT) indirectly purchased through an open market transaction 28,000 shares of Common Stock. These were acquired at a price of $6.50 each, for a total value of $181,972. Following the filing, Mr. Chadwick now indirectly owns 28,000 shares held by Ancora Catalyst Fund LP, where he is a principal. He also directly owns 12,427 shares of the $141.26 million market cap specialty finance company.


In the same way, one of Imperial Holdings Inc (NYSE:IFT)’s major hedge fund investors on record has determined to increase its participation in the firm: Murray Stahl’s fund, Horizon Asset Management –owner of 792,724 shares- has done so by over three times. However, other of the firm’s bigger hedge fund shareholder on record, Wilmot B. Harkley and Daniel Mack’s Nantahala Capital Management –owner of over 1.5 million shares- has decided on the contrary, and decreased its stake in the company by 8%.

Disclosure: Pamela Gaviño holds no position in any of the stocks or funds mentioned. 

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