Do you know in which countries is hijab mandatory for foreigners? There are few countries in the world where the law force women to wear the hijab. ‘Why not in the all Muslim countries?’ would you ask.

Most of us think that Islam has very strict rules for its followers and indeed it is. So why then dress code for women varies from country to country? Well, it’s mostly because of the Quran or more precisely of its interpretation because Arabic words often have several meanings.

It is important to know who translated the Quran when and where. There are some liberal interpreters who are doing their best to adapt Islam to the present-day world and they have weighed the hijab as the not necessary garment for their society. On the flip side there are governments which admit only a literal translation of the Quran and under this conservative approach, a woman’s body should be completely covered.

With this consideration in mind, there are many Muslim countries where wearing the hijab is becoming something old-fashioned. But there is a tendency in the growing population of Muslims in the western countries which in the end could lead to the implementing Muslim law in more countries.

If you are about to visit a Muslim country, it’s desirable to wear the hijab even if it’s not obligatory there. Most of the locals will consider it as a fact of honoring their culture.

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