In which countries Twitter is growing faster than Facebook?


In the world of global connectivity, social media platforms are working really hard to out-compete each other and that is why you should know in which countries Twitter is growing faster than Facebook.

Facebook has created a special name for itself among the ranks of social media platforms. It has grown into a giant business over the years with its simple but continuously developing interface. With over 1 billion people logging in every day, it is connecting so many people from the different corners of the world. Also, it is breaking all expectations by growing by double-digit percentage points every year. Still, among the other competitors, Twitter is doing the best in fighting against the Facebook onslaught. Despite the dominance of Facebook, Twitter has managed to gain better ground in some specific countries while Facebook is facing slower or negative growth.

Most of the countries in discussion are either small countries which are getting higher exposure to the internet or countries which have had a significant incident happening within the borders. For example, Caribbean islands like Montserrat and Saint Martin may not have a huge population, but Twitter is becoming more popular than Facebook there. Among the bigger countries, we can see Singapore, Venezuela, Lebanon and Yemen to have the highest difference in user growth rate of Facebook and Twitter. In some of these countries, Facebook is facing negative growth of around 15 to 20 percent, whereas Twitter use is growing by around 5 to 10 percent.

If the idea that Twitter is may be performing better than Facebook sounds bewildering to you, check out Insider Monkey’s piece on the similar topic titled 10 Countries Where Twitter (TWTR) is Growing Faster than Facebook (FB) and check the difference in growth rates.