In Which Country Women Prefer Americans for One-Night Stands?


If you are looking for an abroad country for a vacation where you are guaranteed to have some action that would remain in your great memory, but only stay there,  you should know in which country women prefer Americans for the one-night stand.

You may be known in your neighborhood like a sweet, kind men that every woman will be lucky to be married to, with a great job, great manners, basically, without any flaw. But everyone needs some shameless actions from time to time. To experience everything before you start serious life, with wife and 3 kids in the suburban little house, and a dog named Spot. But if you don’t want everyone to know what you are up to and what, or to be more precise, whom you are doing, there are many countries abroad where women are basically falling in front of you after they hear your accent. The best thing is, you don’t have to worry about them coming to your house, or bombing you with texts and calls. But you may want to carry around double protection, as you don’t want her to get pregnant, especially without you knowing anything about it. After that, there are only two scenarios: either you’ll never find out about your boy or a girl, who will possibly grow up hating you for leaving her mother alone, or he or she will appear on your doorstep 20 years later, which may result in some heart attack, either you or your current wife.

But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the advantage of the trip you are about to make to try out different culture and different nationalities, and add some freaky sexual habits and imagination of foreign women. Just to make sure we understood each other well- these women are not easy on a regular basis, they don’t jump in everyone’s bad, they are not women with low self-steam, they are not prostitutes. They are just regular women who want to take the advantage of you that night like you want to do it to them. Like man want to brag about different sorts of women they have slept with, women want to brag about getting into bed with a person from the dream-country.

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