In Which European Country Is Easiest to Get Work Visa?


You hear that Europe is all milk and honey and now you decided to transfer there? Sorry for ruining it for you, but stop believing everything you hear over the news. European people also think that the US is a dreamland, but you know they are wrong, right? So stop it yourself. If you don’t trust us, the least we can do to help you is to find out in which European country is easiest to get a work visa.

Working in some other country or a whole new continent isn’t just about money. It is also about getting new experience, upgrade your knowledge, and finding out the new ways in your profession. Besides, it is the best way to get to know other people and their culture. But just because it seems better, don’t be tricked and be careful while transferring.

Insider Monkey’s research team looked at the full picture and found out a bit more detailed information in order to help you decide. According to them, the country where will be the easiest for you to get a work visa is Netherlands. In my experience, Netherlands is not a that bad country at all. People are pleasant, costs of living are not that high, and the country by itself is developing very quickly.

With the very low unemployment rate of only 6.8%, there wouldn’t be such a big issue for you to find a job. And the best thing is that between finding a job and getting a work visa, it takes 4 weeks tops in Netherlands. That’s less than a month for a whole process, which, in comparison to other countries is basically nothing. Even better, the average salary in Netherlands is €2,950, which is enough to cover all of the expenses you have and stash enough money to send back to your motherland.
There are several requirements you have to fulfill in order to get a work visa in Netherlands.  When you apply for your work visa, you have to bring several documents with you. You will be needing a university degree, good recommendation, working experience, and skills. To obtain a visa, you have to stay working with the employer who initially hired you, which is the good and lot easier than looking for different jobs every few months.
Also, Netherlands offers the working visa to freelancers as well or to more initiative people who want to start their own business in Netherlands. For more details regarding this topic, let us transfer you to the original article where you will find out everything about 7 easiest European countries to get a work visa. Just click on the link, and let your browser do the rest.