In Which Muslim Countries even Foreigners Must Wear Hijab?


Muslims have strict rules for both men and women about dressing code. From both of them is required to cover their whole body so no body shape can be seen at all and this law is especially stern for women. The only things that are allowed for them to be uncovered are hands, toes, and eyes, no matter how old they are. This tradition is written in their Quran, but since there are many different translations and interpretation which is why the reason for covering up is a bit faded. In my personal opinion, this law is written so that women wouldn’t be exposed and misunderstood, like this makes them purer or whatever.

No matter what the reason is, since the ancient times the punishment for disobeying this law is too brutal. Every woman who tried to make a statement by wearing whatever she wanted or transformed herself to the European standards was beaten in front of everyone so she could be publically humiliated and to be the example to other women what could happen if they disobey either their husbands or the law.

But this law usually doesn’t stand for foreign women and they are allowed to go to the pool half-naked or go on the street wearing short skirts and high hills. The thing is, even in the countries where this law isn’t that strict and allowed women who come from there to choose if they want to wear hijab or not, you would be more respected if you show the people from there how much you respect their tradition by wearing hijab. In Muslim countries not wearing hijab is like going to China without trying their sushi or any other traditional dish. Still, if you want to travel to some Muslim country, you should be very careful, since there are 2 countries where hijab is mandatory for foreigners and, trust me, you don’t want to disobey this rule.e