Insider Acquired Shares At Medifast Inc (MED): Director John Mcdaniel Received 3,094 Shares Of Common Stock.


Medifast Inc (NYSE:MED)’s Director John Mcdaniel was awarded with 3,094 shares of common stock. Following this transaction, Mr. Mcdaniel owned 22,587 shares at the $430.59 million Market Cap Company. On the same report, Mr. Mcdaniel reported selling 3,500 shares of common stock, at a Price of $ 31.74 per share. Therefore, following this transaction, Mr. currently owns 19,087 shares at the company.


In addition Jacob Gottlieb’s Visium Asset Management, Christopher Shackelton And Adam Gray’s Coliseum Capital and Glenn W. Welling’s Engaged Capital engaged in activity at Medifast Inc (NYSE:MED) during the last reported quarter. Visium Asset Managemen currently has 1,350,000 shares, worth more than $39 million, accounting for 0.63% of the fund’s Equity Portfolio. Coliseum Capita holds 813,802 shares, valued at $23 million, and accounting for 9.14% of the fund’s Eqiuity Porfolio, and Engaged Capital has another 600,000 shares, worth $17 million, and accounting for 12.26% of the fund’s Equity Portfolio.

Disclosure: None.

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