Insider Acquisition At Citizens First Corp. (CZFC): Director Glenn Sarah Grise Bought 100 Shares Of Common Stock


Glenn Sarah Grise, Director at Citizens First Corp. (NASDAQ:CZFC), has recently reported the acquisition of 100 shares of common stock, at a price of $ 11.69 per share. Mrs. Grise currently holds, at this $ 23.03 Million Market Cap Company, 6,778 securities, in a direct form. This is not the first acquisition the Director has made over the course of this year. Mrs. Grise acquired, in addition to the reported 100 shares, another 51 during Q2, at a price of $ 10.50 per share, and 300 shares, at a price of $ 10.48 each share, during Q1, 2014. Other insiders have also acquired shares of this stock during the past months. President and Chief Executive Officer Todd M Kanipe boosted 5,000 shares, at prices ranging from $ 10.75 to $ 11.75 per share, Director Hale Amy Milliken also bought 755 shares, at prices ranging from $ 10.30 to  $11.00 each share, and Evp and CFO  Steve Marcum purchased 500 shares of common stock, at a price of $ 10.91, during Q2, 2014.

Regarding Hedge Funds, there hasn’t been much activity over the last reported quarter. Neil Chriss’ Hutchin Hill Capital holds 25,000 shares at Citizens First Corp. (NASDAQ:CZFC), worth $268,000, representing 0.01% of the fund’s Equity Portfolio.

Disclosure: none.

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