Insider Acquisition At Eagle Bancorp, Inc. (EGBN): Leslie Alperstein Boosts 817 Shares, At A Price Of $8.81 Per Share.


Eagle Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ:EGBN)’ Director Leslie Alperstein purchased 817 shares, at a price of $8.81 per share. Following this transaction, Mrs. Alperstein owns directly 74,624 shares, held jointly by spouse, and another 1,021 shares, held by IRA.

This $852.69 Million Market Cap Bank holding Company hadn’t witnessed any other insider purchase for over 2 years. Last insider to buy this stock was Director Donald Rogers, who acquired during Q2 2012 2,000 shares, at a value of $15.75 per share.

Additionally, important funds invest at Eagle Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ:EGBN). Yet over the last reported quarter, the two biggest investors have lowered their stake at the company. Mark Lee’s Forest Hill Capital reduced its activity by 3%, compared to previous quarter, and now holds 1,034,908 shares, at a value of more than $37 million, accounting for 3.73% of the fund’s Equity Portfolio, Lee Munder Capital Group, Lee Munder’s fund, reduced its stake by 7%, feeling bearish, and holds currently 742,530 shares, worth about $26 million, representing 0.59% of its Equity Portfolio.

Disclosure: None.