President and Ceo at National Fuel Gas Co. (NYSE:NFG) J Ronald Tanski  has recently made several transactions at the company. Mr. Tanski purchased 36,000 shares of common stock, at a price of $35.11 per share. The transaction was made pursuant to Rule 16b-3, and had 9,706 shares of common stock withheld and cancelled to cover minimum required tax withholding. Moreover, he bought 362 and 4 shares of common stock as a routine acquisition under the NFG 401 (k) Plan Trust, and NFG ESOP Plan Trust, exempt under Rule 16b-3(c), a non-reportable transaction, and received as well a Bona Fide gift of 750 shares of common stock. Following these transactions, Mr. Tanski currently holds 255,680 shares directly, 20,877 shares by 401(k) Trust and 2,907 shares by ESOP Trust.

In addition, important hedge funds at National Fuel Gas Co. (NYSE:NFG) have been wary about this stock. Mario Gabelli’s Gamco Investors, fund which holds more than 3.7 million shares, worth more than $262 million, has lowered its stake by 2% over the last reported quarter, and Gregg J. Powers’ Private Capital Management, owing more than 155,000 shares, valued at more than $10 million, also reduced its activity by 3% over the last reported quarter.

Disclosure: none.

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