Insider Acquisition At Ovascience Inc (OVAS): Harald Stock Buys 833 Shares Of Common Stock, At A Price Of $8.95 Per Share.


Director at OvaScience Inc (NASDAQ:OVAS) Harald Stock  Recently purchased 833 shares of common stock, at a price of $8.95 per share. Mr. Stock owns currently, at the company, 8,846 shares, by SB Vermogensverwaltungs KG, a trust of which he is a majority shareholder and managing partner.

Insider acquisitions at this $ 211.29 Million Market Cap Company have been frequent. During Q1D Director Richard Aldrich bought 100,000 shares, at a price of $ 10.00 per share. During the same period, large shareholder Longwood Fund, L.p. purchased 100,000 shares, at a Price of $ 10.00 per share, and President, Ceo Michelle Dipp bought another 100,300 shares, at an average price of $ 9.82 per share, and Director and Large shareholder Christoph Westphal acquired 100,000 shares, at  a price of $10.00 per share.

Additionally, most important hedge fund is James E. Flynn’s Deerfield Management. This hedge fund increased its stake by 176% over the last reported quarter. It currently holds more than 1.6 million shares, worth almost $15 million, representing 0.61% of the fund’s Equity Portfolio.

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