Insider Acquisition At Sussex Bancorp (SBBX): George Lista Boosts Shares


Ceo Tri-State Ins. Agency at Sussex Bancorp (NASDAQ:SBBX) George Lista bought 108 shares of Common Stock, at a price of $9.07 per share. After this transaction, Mr. Lista holds 79,482 shares, and another 1,103 shares indirectly by IRA.

Mr. Lista acquired during the last reported quarter a total of 440 shares, at prices ranging from $ 8.83 to $ 9.20, per share. Other insider purchases have taken place during the course of this year. Director Richard Branca acquired 2,378 at an average Price of $ 36.34 per share; Director Katherine Caristia, bought 702 shares, at prices ranging from $9.20 to $7.29 per share; President and Ceo  Anthony Labozzetta  acquired 2,410 shares, at an average Price of $ 9.20; Sevp & Cfo Anthony Mark Steven Fusco bought 1,050 shares, at a price of $9.23 per share; and Director  John Ursin  purchased 9,939 shares, at prices ranging from $8.76 to $ 8.90.

Sales haven’t been registered at Sussex Bancorp (NASDAQ:SBBX) during 2014. Last reported sale was pursued by Director Patrick Brady  during Q4 2013, when he sold 2,109 shares, at an average price of $ 7.50 per share.

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