Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. (NASDAQ:CETV) Evp, General Counsel Daniel Penn has recently reported acquiring 12,500 shares of Class A Common Stock acquired upon the vesting in part of a grant of restricted stock units made on June 14, 2012. The transaction was made pursuant to Rule 16b-3. Mr. Penn currently owns 35,000 shares at the company.

Over the course of this year, other two insiders have acquired shares of this $364.88 Million Market Cap Entertainment company. Co-Ceo Christoph Mainusch  purchased 25,000 shares, at a Price of $2.79 per share, during May, 2014, and director Parm Sandhu acquired 50,000 shares, at an average price of $3.88 per share, during Q1.

Moreover, Marc Lasry’s Avenue Capital has increased its shareholding over the past quarter in a proportion of 22%. The fund currently holds 125.73 million shares at Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. (NASDAQ:CETV) , worth almost $123 million, accounting for 8.83% of its Equity Portfolio.

Disclosure: None.

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