Amtrust Financial Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:AFSI)’s Evp, Chief Operating Officer J Michael Saxon acquired 259 shares of common stock, at a price of $ 11.55 per share. Mr. Saxon now beneficially owns 279,476 shares at this $3.19 billion Market Cap Company. The transaction was exempted pursuant to Rule 16b-3. The holding company hadn’t witnessed any insider purchase since Q4 2013, when large shareholder Leah Karfunkel acquired 1,209,772 shares, at prices ranging from $ 32.48 to $ 28.99 per share. Important insider sales have been reported during the course of 2014. President Max Caviet sold during the last reported quarter 13,380 shares, at an average price of $41.20 per share. Director Donald Decarlo sold 21,689 shares, at a price of $44.44 per share; Evp, Chief Information Officers Mr. Longo, and Mr. Pipoly sold respectively 57,530 shares, at prices ranging from $30.59 to $43.93 per share, and 14,400 shares, at $33.17 per share.. Moreover, Svp, Treasurer Mr. Schlachter sold 2100 shares, at average price of $37.42 during these quarters.

Additionally, two big hedge funds have increased their stake at Amtrust Financial Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:AFSI). Scott Mclellan’s Marble Arch Investments tripled its activity at the company, holding now 1,500,000 shares, worth more than $56 million, and representing 4.36% of the fund’s Equity Portfolio. Furthermore, Michael Thompson’s Bhr Capital also increased its stake by 143%, and currently owns 1 million shares at the company, valued at a price of approximately $37 million, which represents 3.17% of its Equity Portfolio.

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