First Citizens Banc Corp (NASDAQ:FCZA)’s Director R Allen Nickles aquired 2,500 shares of common stock, at a Price of $ 8.70 per share. Following this transaction, Mr. Nickles directly owns 3,200 depositary shares, and another 82,300 shares indirectly, by SEP IRA, plus 1,000 shares by Benefit IRA, and another 2,225 shares through different indirect holdings. During the course of this year, Mr. Nickles has procured, in addition to the reported transaction, an amount of 10,600 shares at this $67.06 million Market Cap Company, at prices ranging from $ 6.85 to $ 9.00 per share. Another important insider transacting at the company is Director Patrick William Murray, who has purchased 2898 shares, at an average price of $ 8.92 per share, during Q1 and Q2 2014. Also, Senior Vp J Richard Dutton procured 5,786 shares during Q1, at an average Price of $ 8.81 per share.

Furthermore, it seems Jeffrey Gendell’s hedge fund Tontine Asset Management is feeling bullish on this stock, as it increased its stake at First Citizens Banc Corp (NASDAQ:FCZA) by 60% during the last reported quarter. It holds 39,392 shares, worth $364,000, which represents 0.05% of the fund’s Equity Portfolio. Jim Simons’ Renaissance Technologies is also betting on this company, increasing its activity by 28%. It now owns 21,382 shares, valued at $197,000.

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