OceanFirst Financial Corp. (NASDAQ:OCFC)’s EVP & CLO, Iii Joseph Lebel, acquired 1,812 shares of common stock, at a Price of $16.56 per share. Following this transaction, the beneficiary owns 15,186 shares through its different indirect holdings, and 10,145 shares in a direct form. Mr. Lebel is the only insider at this $286.07 million market Cap Company to have acquired shares over the course of 2014. Prior to this transaction, Officer Mr. R Joseph Iantosca acquired 1,312 shares, at a price of $17.78 per share, during Q4 2013.

Additionally, Matthew Lindenbaum’s Basswood Capital increased its stake at OceanFirst Financial Corp. (NASDAQ:OCFC) over the last reported quarter by 3%, and holds now 972,883 shares, worth over $17 million, representing 0.89% of the fund’s Equity Portfolio. Gregg J. Powers’ Private Capital Management has felt more bearish about the stock, lowering its activity by 1% compared to the previous quarter, and holding now 318,847 shares, valued at $5.6 million, and accounting for 0.71% of their Equity Portfolio.

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