Insider Buy At Qumu Corp (QUMU): James Stewart Boosted 1,000 Shares Of Common Stock, At A Price Of $13.39 Per Share.


Qumu Corp (NASDAQ:QUMU)’s Chief Financial Officer acquired R James Stewart 1,000 shares of common stock, at a price of $13.39 per share. Following this transaction, Mr. Stewart holds 45,586 securities at the company, held in a joint tenant account by him and Robin Stewart.

Other important insiders acquired shares at this $115.93 million Market Cap Company over the course of this year. During second quarter 2014, President & Ceo  Sherman Black acquired 10,000 shares, at prices ranging from $13.63 to $13.80 per share, and Sr. Vp & Gm Vern Hanzlik bought 2,900 shares, at prices ranging from $ 13.52 to $ 13.29.

Moreover, Gregory A. Weaver’s Invicta Capital Management has an important stake at Qumu Corp (NASDAQ:QUMU) and has increased it by 5% over the last reported quarter: it owns 859,400 shares, worth over $13 million, representing 7.59% of its Equity Portfolio. Jim Simons’ hedge fund Renaissance Technologies also increased its activity by 5%, and currently holds 526,759 shares, valued at above $8 million, accounting for 0.02% of the fund’s Equity Portfolio.

Disclosure: none.

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