Insider Purchase at American Realty Capital Properties Inc. (ARCP): William Stanley Buys 18,000 Shares


William Stanley, Director at American Realty Capital Properties Inc. (NASDAQ:ARCP), bought 18,000 shares of Common Stock yesterday, paying a price of $12.39 per share. This is Stanley’s first insider purchase of 2014 and the Director now owns a total of 92,146 shares of the $11.29 billion market cap real estate investment trust. The company’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Richard Silfen, also completed his second acquisition this month, buying 4,850 shares, for $12.34 per share, yesterday.

And it seems that the real estate trust has also gained popularity amongst hedge funds, as this past quarter witnessed several new positions. American Realty now comprises 8.95% of Halcyon Asset Management’s portfolio (John Bader’s hedge fund), with 6.5 million shares, worth $91 million. Another hedge fund that added this firm to its portfolio is Eton Park Capital, run by Eric Mindich. In this case, American accounts for 1.77% of the total portfolio holdings, with 7.4 million shares and a value of $104 million.

Disclosure: none