Phillip Goldstein, Director and Shareholder at Imperial Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:IFT), completed a stock purchase of 13,177 Shares, in a transaction completed throughout two days. While some of the stock was purchased indirectly, via Bulldog Investors, LLC, the larger sum was acquired directly by Goldstein. The purchase was initiated on Monday, when the Director bought 8,065 shares, directly, at $6.37 per share and 1,181 shares, indirectly at $6.33 per share. Tuesday concluded the acquisition with the smaller bulks of 1,935 shares (directly) and 1,996 shares (indirectly), at the aforementioned price. Goldstein now owns a total of 1.088 million shares of the specialty finance firm.

On another note, Imperial Holdings remains a strong contender for many hedge funds, occupying significant percentage of several portfolios. For instance, the financial company comprises 3.24% of Indaba Capital Management’s portfolio, as Derek C. Schrier’s hedge fund owns 2.03 million shares, with a value of $11.7 million. Imperial also accounts for 1.51% of Wilmot B. Harkey and Daniel Mack’s hedge fund, Nantahala Capital Management, with 1.64 million holdings, worth $9.45 million.

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