Insider Sale at Kilroy Realty Corp (KRC): Jeffrey Hawken Unloads 50,000 Shares


Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Kilroy Realty Corp (NYSE:KRC), Jeffrey Hawken completed his first disposition of the fiscal year, unloading 50,000 shares of Common Stock, at a price of $61.98 per share. After the sale, Hawken still remains the owner of 340,961 company holdings. However, the Executive VP isn’t the first insider to sell his stock in June, as Tyler Rose, Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer at Kilroy, sold 25,000 shares of Common Stock for $61.83 per share this Monday.

Nonetheless, this past quarter showed some stability amongst hedge fund holding positions, with some minor shifts in portfolio activity. Aew Capital Management, Jeffrey Fuber’s hedge fund, remains the largest majority shareholder, with 2.35 million shares, worth $137.7 million. After augmenting Kilroy’s portfolio participation by 1% this quarter, the firm now accounts for 3.37% of the hedge fund’s holdings. Millennium Management Subsidiary’s hedge fund, Decade Capital Management, also increased its activity by 92%, and now owns a total of 41,769 shares, for a value of $2.4 million.

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