Performant Financial Corp. (NASDAQ:PFMT)’s Chief Executive Officer, Harold Leach Jr., completed a disposition of 35,222 shares of Common Stock yesterday, using a stock option. The sale was executed directly, and the insider paid an average weighted sales price of $10.56 per share. This is Leach’s fourth stock sale of the month so far, as the CEO unloaded 25,278 shares of Common Stock just on Tuesday, paying $10.54 per share. And on Monday, Leach had sold 16,300 shares for a price of $10.51 per share.

Furthermore, Hakan Orvell, Chief Financial Officer at the $513.6 million market cap firm, reported a stock disposition this week, where he unloaded 26,025 shares of Common Stock at $10.53, also using a stock option. The insider had already sold 13,776 shares the previous day, paying $10.50 per share.

In terms of hedge fund movement this quarter, Stephen Raneri’s hedge fund, Lioneye Capital Management, remains the largest shareholder, with a total of 965,626 shares, worth approximately $8.7 million.

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