Insider Sale at Twitter, Inc. (TWTR): Vijaya Gadde Unloads 16,459 Shares


Vijaya Gadde, General Counsel at Twitter, Inc. (NYSE:TWTR), sold 16,459 shares of Common Stock, directly, on Thursday, paying a price of $40 per share. While the disposition is Gadde’s largest one this month, with a smaller sale of 2,167 shares executed early in June, other company insiders have been more active. The Vice President and Accounting Officer at Twitter, Luca Barrata, also unloaded 39,019 shares on Thursday, paying the same price as Gadde. And Alexander Roetter, Vice President of Engineering at the $24.1 billion market cap platform, disposed of 27,451 shares for $35.52 per share earlier this month.

Furthermore, most hedge funds remain confident in the company’s value this quarter. Daniel Benton’s hedge fund, Andor Capital Management, which is the largest shareholder at Twitter right now, owns 4.5 million shares, worth $210 million, and accounting for 11.13% of the portfolio. This quarter’s new shareholder is Jat Capital Management, a hedge fund run by John Thaler. Twitter accounts for 1.32% of the portfolio, with 1,355,500 shares, worth $63 million.

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