Insider Sell At Boston Beer Co Inc (SAM) James Koch Sells 4,000 Shares, At A Price Of $ 225.58 Per Share


Chairman at Boston Beer Co Inc (NYSE:SAM) James C Koch reported selling 4,000 shares, at an average price of $ 225.58 per share. The transaction was pursued in accordance to a Rule 10b5-1 trading plan adopted on May 15; 2014.This transaction affected the shares held directly by Mr. Koch, who now owns 97,632 shares at the company. Mr. Koch, moreover, owns another 213,922 shares, which are held by different indirect holdings. The Chairman has been very active during this year, selling stock at this $2.93 Billion Market Cap Company. Only during Q2, he sold 35,600 shares, at prices ranging from $ 220.00 to $ 237.00 per share, in addition to the reported 4,000 share sale.

Additionally, Ken Fisher’s Fisher Asset Management has lowered its stake at Boston Beer Co Inc (NYSE:SAM) by 19%. It now owns 331,529 shares, with a value of $81 million which represents 0.18% of the fund’s Equity Portfolio.

Disclosure: None.