Insider Sell at Evertec Inc. (EVTC): Jose Juan Jimenez Roman Unloads 22,000 Shares


Evertec Inc. (NYSE:EVTC)’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Jose Juan Jimenez Roman, sold 22,000 shares at a price of $24.80 per share. While this is the Exec VP’s second stock sale within the past month, the insider still holds 222,053 company holdings to his name. Previously this week, it was also reported that the company’s President and CEO, Peter Harrington, had unloaded 50,000 shares of the transaction processing business, for $25.05 per share.

While stock dispositions have been common amongst insiders at Evertec, with Executive Vice Presidents Miguel Vizcarrondo and Carlos Ramirez selling off 35,000 shares and 40,000 shares, respectively, in May, the stock price remains on a steady level, having closed at $24.96 yesterday. However, it still remains unclear what direction the firm’s Chief Executive Officer will take, regarding future financing, as the $400 million offered in senior secured notes by the subsidiary EVERTEC Group, LLC, was rejected on behalf of CFO Roman.

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