Insider Sell At HFF, Inc. (HF): John Fowler Disposes Of Selling 28,890 Shares Of Class A Common Stock


HFF, Inc. (NYSE:HF)’s Director Emeritus, John Fowler, reported selling 28,890 shares of Class A Common Stock. The stock was sold at an average weighted price $33.7 per share. This transaction had as end result a reduced amount of shares held directly by Mr. Fowler: he owns now 558,094 shares, at this $1.27 Billion Market Cap Company.

Mr. Fowler has been an active share seller at HFF, Inc. (NYSE:HF). In fact, since 2011, he has been the only insider to sell this stock. Over the course of this year, Mr. Fowler has sold 80,000 shares, at prices ranging from $ 33.36 to $ 33.79 per share, during Q1, and another 61,110 shares, at prices ranging from $ 33.17 to $ 34.28 per share, during Q2, in addition to the above reported 28,890 shares. Nevertheless, acquisitions haven’t been registered at the company.

In addition, the company’s most important hedge fund, Renaissance Technologies of Jim Simons, has increased its stake, compared to the last reported quarter. The fund currently holds more than 360,000 shares, which have a value of more than $12 million, This value accounts for 0.02% of this big fund’s Equity Portfolio.

Disclosure: None.