Insider Sell At MAXIMUS, Inc. (MMS): Marilyn Seymann Sells 2,806 Shares Of Common Stock, At A Price Of $42.34 Per Share


Director at MAXIMUS, Inc. (NYSE:MMS) R Marilyn Seymann  recently sold 2,806 shares of common stock, pursuant to a Rule 10b5-1 trading plan. The transaction was fixed at an average weighted price of $42.34 share. Following this transaction, Mrs. Seymann owns 109,184.781 shares at this $2.86 billion Market Cap Company.

Over the course of this year, many insiders at MAXIMUS, Inc. (NYSE:MMS) have traded shares of this stock. During Q1 2014, Director Peter Pond sold 17,462 shares, at prices ranging from $ 42.76 to $ 46.66 per share. Over the same period, Director Raymond Ruddy sold 62,728 shares, at prices ranging from $ 46.89 to $ 47.59 per share. Another active seller at the company is Bruce Caswell, who sold during this year 114,799 shares, at prices ranging from $ 42.43 to $ 48.11 per share. Ceo Richard Montoni also sold shares, this year: he sold 48,000 shares of this stock, at prices that go from $ 42.48 to $ 47.40 each share. Nevertheless, there have been no reported insider acquisitions at the company on the last reports.

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