Steiner Leisure Ltd (NASDAQ:STNR)‘s President and Coo Glenn Fusfield reported selling 3,282 shares of common stock, at prices ranging from $ 40 and $ 39.54 per share. After this transaction, Mr. Fusfield holds 15,881 securities in a direct form at this $ 559.89 Million Market Cap Company. The reported sell isn’t the first one to be made by President Fusfield over the course of this year. During Q1, Mr. Fusfield sold 6,010 shares of common company stock, at an average Price of $ 45.00 per share, and during Q2, he reported selling 5,300 company shares, at a price of $ 42.50 each share. Another important insider selling shares at this spa services company is Chairman Clive Warshaw, who during first quarter, 2014, sold 28,000 company shares, at prices ranging from $ 46.00 to $ 51.82 per share.

In addition, Diamond Hill Capital, Ric Dillon’s hedge fund, has increase its stake at Steiner Leisure Ltd (NASDAQ:STNR) by 14% over the last reported quarter. The fund currently holds more than 1.3 million shares, worth above $ 56 million, amount which represents 0.44% of its Equity Portfolio.

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