Insider Selling at SpartanNash Co (SPTN): Director Elizabeth Nickels Sells 12,000 Shares


A Elizabeth Nickels, Director at SpartanNash Co (NASDAQ:SPTN), sold on August 25th through an open market transaction 12,000 shares of Common Stock at a price of $22.00 each, for a total value of $264,000. Following the filling, she owns directly  27,306.06 shares of this regional grocery distributor and grocery retailor that operates in Michigan and Indiana.

In the recent past, other insiders have also been disposing some of the shares they own from this company. In April and May, both M David Staples, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, as well as Dennis Eidson, President and Chief Executive Officer, have both reduced their exposure to SpartanNash Co (NASDAQ:SPTN). In between their transactions, the number of Common Stock shares that have been sold amounts to 46,801, sold at a weighted average price of $19.15 each.

Unfortunately, amongst the hedge funds that we track, none holds stakes at this $820.17 million market cap firm.

Disclosure: Pamela Gaviño holds no position in any stocks or funds mentioned. 

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