Zynga Inc. (NASDAQ:ZNGA)’s Chief Executive Officer, Donald Mattrick, unloaded a bulk of 2,145,315 shares of Class A Common Stock, directly, yesterday, paying an average weighted price of $3.02 per share. The insider had also acquired 4,046,428 shares on Tuesday, using a stock option of restricted stock units. The stock sale was Mattrick’s first transaction, although other insiders at the $2.71 billion market cap game service provider have reported sales this quarter.

In May, General Counsel and Vice President at Zinga, Devang Shah, sold 5,000 shares of Common Stock paying a price of $3.31 per share, while Chief Financial Officer and CAO, Mark Vranesh, unloaded 60,760 shares in February, for a price of $5.13 per share.

Furthermore, this quarter also showed movement amongst hedge funds, with two new shareholding positions at the company. Andreas Halvorsen’s Viking Global entered a position, acquiring 28.4 million shares, with a value of $122.3 million, as well as Conatus Capital Management. The hedge fund run by David Stemerman purchased 18.3 million shares, worth $78.7 million and accounting for 3.48% of the hedge fund’s portfolio.

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