J. Paul Echausse, President and Chief Executive Officer at Alcentra Capital Corp (NASDAQ:ABDC) bought on August 28th through an open market transaction 1,000 shares of Common Stock. These were purchased at a price of $13.58 each, for a total value of $13,580. Following this filling, Mr. Echausse directly owns 2,300 shares and indirectly 58,039.6 shares by BNY Mellon-Alcentra Mezzanine III, L.P. Throughout this year, he has bought 4,800 shares at an average weighted price of $14.65 of this $182.34 million market cap company.

This year, insider L Rudolph Hertlein, Director at Alcentra Capital Corp (NASDAQ:ABDC), also bought 3,600 shares at a price of $15.00 each, for a total value of $54,000.

Unfortunately, none of the hedge funds that we track are currently investing in this non-diversified closed-end management investment company. Alcentra Capital Corp (NASDAQ:ABDC) is engaged in direct investments in lower middle-market companies in the form of subordinated debt and, to a lesser extent, senior debt and minority equity investments.

 Disclosure: Pamela Gaviño holds no position in any of the stocks and funds mentioned.

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