Insider Trading at Amphenol Corporation (APH): John Lord Unloads 10,000 Shares


John Lord, Director at Amphenol Corporation (NYSE:APH), completed a disposition of 10,000 shares of Class A Common Stock on Friday. The stock was sold directly, at a price of $97.20 per share and the insider also exercised his use of stock options in order to complete the transaction. Following the insider’s first stock sale of the fiscal year so far, he now owns a total of 17,950 company shares.

However, while Lord’s stock transactions have been minimal, other Amphenol insiders have been more active this year. Such is the case with Richard Schneider, Senior Vice President and Group General Manager at the $15.3 billion market cap electric repair service firm. The insider completed several dispositions this quarter, with the latest transaction dating back to the beginning of June, when Schneider unloaded 8,088 shares of Common Stock for a price of $96.01 per share. The Senior VP had already sold 15,200 shares for $96.00 per share in May, while also exercising his use of stock options.

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