Insider Trading at Capitala Finance Corp (CPTA): 2 Insiders Bought Stock


Two directors at Capitala Finance Corp. (NASDAQ:CPTA) acquired the company’s shares in a transaction completed over the past two days. The talk is of Director Markham Hunt Broyhill, purchased 27,000 shares of common stock, indirectly, yesterday. Broyhill payed the price of $18.55 per share and now holds a total of 42,000 shares of the $241.2 million market cap enterprise. This is the Director’s second large share purchase completed in the last two months, as he was reported buying 13,580 Capitala shares on the 19th of May.

Paul Chapman (director of Capitala), on the other hand, closed his stock acquisition today, gaining 5,000 shares of common stock, directly, for $18.68 per share. This is the first stock transaction to be completed this year by Chapman, who now owns a total of 7,500 company shares. Furthermore, stock purchases amongst insiders have been frequent during the first quarter of 2014, with Director Larry Carroll closing a two-day share purchase earlier in May.

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