Insider Trading at CONMED Corporation (CNMD): Curt Hartman Buys 10,000 Shares


Curt Hartman, Interim Chief Executive Officer at CONMED Corporation (NASDAQ:CNMD), bought 10,000 shares of Common Stock, directly, yesterday, paying a weighted average price of $39.25 per share. This is the insider’s first stock transaction of the year and he now holds a total of 11,000 company shares to his name.

Furthermore, two other insiders were active this week, but in terms of stock sales. CONMED’s former President and Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Corasanti, unloaded a bulk of 109,035 shares of Common Stock, directly, on Wednesday. The stock was sold for a weighted average price of $39.25 per share and the insider also exercised his use of stock options for the transaction. However, Director Bruce Daniels completed a much smaller disposition, unloading 1,600 shares of Common Stock, directly, for $39.31 per share.

In terms of shareholding hedge funds there have also been some changes this past quarter. Justin John Ferayorni’s Tamarack Capital Management, for example, increased CONMED’s portfolio participation by 241% and now owns 192,000 shares, worth $8.3 million.

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