Insider Trading at Cross Country Healthcare Inc. (CCRN): Emil Hensel Sells $42,450 of Shares


Emil Hensel, Former Officer and Director of Cross Country Healthcare Inc (NASDAQ:CCRN), sold last September 5th through an open market transaction 5,000 shares of Common Stock. These were sold at a price of $8.49 each, for a total value of $42,450. Following the filling, Mr. Hensel directly owns 97,775 shares and indirectly owns 151,502 shares held by Wife. Throughout his year and as from June he has made seven different sales of stock.

On the contrary, some of Cross Country Healthcare Inc (NASDAQ:CCRN)’s largest hedge fund investors on record have decided to increase their stake in the $269.02 million market cap company, engaged in the healthcare staffing services business offering a suite staffing and outsourcing services to the healthcare market. Stephen Dubois’s Camber Capital Management –owner of 797,842 shares- and Krishen Sud’s Sivik Global Healthcare –owner of 200,000 shares- have done so by over 150% and 34% respectively.

Disclosure: Pamela Gaviño holds no position in any of the stocks or funds mentioned. 

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