Insider Trading at Forest City Enterprises (FCE.A): Exec. VP James Ratner Sells Out his Shares


On Monday, Forest City Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE:FCE.A)’s Executive Vice President, James Ratner, sold 191,838 company shares, indirectly. The stock was unloaded in two sales, both on the same day, and for the same price: $19.75 per share. The first transaction was of 91,838 shares, sold indirectly via the Daniel G. Ratner 1993 Trust, of which the Exec. VP is an advisor. The second sale unloaded the remaining 100,000 shares, also indirectly, via a trust fund for his children and grandchildren. This is the third stock sale executed by James Ratner in June, as he unloaded 82,000 shares of Common Stock for $19.61 per share, just two weeks ago.

Furthermore, Forest City Enterprises has maintained its popularity amongst hedge fund portfolios this quarter. The company comprises 4.24% of Scopia Capital’s portfolio, the hedge fund run by Matt Sirovich and Jeremy Mindich, with 7 million shares, worth $133 million. Similarly, the firm accounts for 2.59% of Third Avenue Management’s portfolio (Martin Whitman’s hedge fund), with 7 million shares and a value of $133 million.

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