Insider Trading at Genesco Inc. (GCO): 2 Insiders Sell Stock


Insider stock sales at Genesco Inc. (NYSE:GCO) appear to be the norm lately, with several company employees unloading their stock in June. Such is also the case with the firm’s Senior Vice President, Kenneth Kocher, who filed his first disposition of the fiscal year, unloading 10,000 shares of Common Stock for a price of $80.83 per share. Following the sale, Kocher remains in possession of 67,976 holdings.

Furthermore, the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer at Genesco Inc., Robert Dennis, also sold a bulk of 25,105 shares in a transaction completed over three days at the end of June. The disposition commenced this past Thursday, when Dennis unloaded 7,500 for $80.26 per share, continued on Friday with a sale of 7,500 shares of Common Stock for $81.12 and was completed yesterday, disposing of another 10,105 company shares, for a price of $81.19 per share.

On another note, Genesco saw a new hedge fund enter a shareholder position this quarter. The talk is of Peter Muller’s Pdt Partners, which purchased 33,700 shares for a value of $2.5 million.

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