Insider Trading at Greenbrier Companies Inc. (GBX): Lorie Leeson Sells 10,000 Shares


Lorie Leeson, Senior Vice President and Treasurer at Greenbrier Companies Inc. (NYSE:GBX), completed a sale of 10,000 Common Stock shares yesterday. The disposition was executed directly, and the insider paid a price of $66.00 per share for her largest insider trade of this fiscal year. The Senior VP completed a few other stock sales throughout 2014, but none of significant value.

However, last week showed a sudden boost in insider stock sales at Greenbrier, with three employees selling off their company shares. James Sharp, President of the $1.8 billion market cap enterprise, unloaded 4,000 shares of Common Stock on Thursday, paying $65.51 per share. And on Monday, the firm’s Senior Vice President and Compliance Officer, Raymond Martin Baker, disposed of 6,000 shares, for a price of $65.13 per share.

Regarding hedge fund shareholder positions, there have been several new entrants this quarter, with Ken Griffin’s Citadel Investment Group as the most impressive new entry. The hedge fund bought 27.25 million shares for a value of $38.7 million, making it the second largest shareholder at Greenbrier.

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