Timothy Wilson, Director of InvenSense, Inc. (NYSE:INVN), completed his sale of 40,000 common stock shares, indirectly, yesterday. The sale closed at a price of $21.14 per share, but Wilson still owns 38,808 of the motion interface company’s shares. However, this isn’t the only insider who sold the company’s stock this month. Last week, the company’s Vice President of Engineering and New Products, Stephen Lloyd, sold 10,000 of his shares for $20.46 per share, and in May it was reported that the Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Daniel Goehl sold 3,750 of his company shares.

Furthermore, while many hedge funds have been reducing the amount of InvenSense shares in their portfolios this quarter, some remain confident in the stock. Eric Bannasch’s hedge fund, Cadian Capital, for example, owns 910,000 shares, with a value of $21 million, while Rima Senvest Management, the hedge fund run by Richard Maschaal, still holds 1.25 million shares, worth $29.5 million.

Disclosure: Melanie Erbar holds no position in any of the stocks mentioned.

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