Edward D. Smyth, Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs at McGraw Hill Financial Inc. (NYSE:MHFI), completed a sales transaction yesterday, through which he unloaded 12,139 shares of Common Stock, directly, for $83.29 per share. Although this sale is Smyth’s only insider trade so far, other company insiders have been more active over the past few of months. Two weeks ago, President Lawrence Neal sold 1,000 shares for a price of $84.42, while the Executive Vice President and General Counsel of the financial intelligence firm, Kenneth Vittor, unloaded 15,000 shares for $84.05 per share, only three days prior.

McGraw Hill has also occupied a significant portfolio position amongst many hedge funds this quarter. At Lone Pine Capital, Stephen Mandel’s hedge fund, the $22.5 billion market cap firm accounts for 3.64% of the asset portfolio, with 10.9 million shares, worth $839 million. And Jonathan Jacobson’s Highfields Capital Management shareholder position of 8.7 million shares, with a value of $663 million, comprises 5.56% of the hedge funds portfolio.

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