Stephen Golsby, Director at Mead Johnson Nutrition CO (NYSE:MJN) unloaded a bulk of 10,000 shares of Common Stock, directly, yesterday, paying an average weighted price of $93.83 per share. This is the latter of several stock sales executed by the insider throughout the fiscal year, and his remaining holdings currently stand at 65,458. In June, Golsby had disposed of 10,000 shares, paying a price of $87.42 per share, while selling the same amount of stock in April for $83.25 per share.

Furthermore, while the $18.8 billion market cap nutrition firm hasn’t witnessed any insider purchases this year, several hedge funds have increased Mead Johnson’s portfolio participation over the past quarter. Citadel Investment Group, Ken Griffin’s hedge fund, for example, increased its company holdings by 114% and now holds a total of over 2.2 million shares, with a value of $188.4 million. Eric Mindich’s Eton Park Capital also increased the firm’s activity by 14% in Q1 and now owns 1.25 million shares, worth $104.5.

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