Yesterday, an insider at Quest Resource Holding Corp (NASDAQ:QRHC) completed a disposition of the company’s stock. The talk is of Director and large Shareholder, Colton Melby, who completed a large sale of 30,000 shares, split into three transactions. The first sale was executed last Wednesday, releasing 7,500 shares of Common Stock for a price of $5.11 per share, followed by another disposition of 7,500 shares for $5.06 per share the next day. The trade was then completed yesterday, by unloading 15,000 shares of Common Stock for $5.25 per share. This was Melby’s first insider trade of the year and following the sale, he now owns a total of 8.01 million company holdings.

Although this is the first insider stock sale to be completed at the $513.3 million market cap industrial production firm this fiscal year, May reported a purchase at the hand of Director Michael Golden, who acquired 13,000 shares of Common Stock, paying a price of $3.84 per share.

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