Insider Trading at Restoration Hardware Holdings (RH): Carlos Alberini Sells 50,000 Shares


Although last week several analysts announced a “buy” rating for the home furnishing firm Restoration Hardware Holdings Inc. (NYSE:RH), insiders continue to sell their company shares. The most recent sale was executed by company director Carlos Alberini, who sold his common stock in a series of transactions between Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday, a total of 30,000 shares common stock were sold directly, split into two transactions of 10,300 shares for $87.46 per share and 19,700 shares for a slightly higher price of $88.24. Then on Friday, another 20,000 shares were sold off in three separate transactions, all for an average price of $89.30 per share.    

While Alberini’s stock sale is certainly significant, the director is the third insider at Restoration Hardware Holdings to sell his shares this past week. The firm’s Chief Financial Officer, Karen Boone, sold a large stock of 45,000 shares on Tuesday, at a price of $82.9. Only a week previous to that, Chief Operating Officer, Kenneth Dunaj, sold 20,000 shares directly, at $83.75, making the stock sale trend at Restoration Hardware complete.

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